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A Legacy of Love

“I could not leave my own children. How would our family legacy live on?” In 2010 Alfonsio had a decision to make after his wife died due to complications at childbirth. Would he walk away, or would he commit to…

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When Helping Hurts

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your desire to help ended up making a bad situation worse? You had good intentions, but your good intentions lacked knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the full picture. Maybe a specific…

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In Seven Years’ Time

Almost two months ago, our first class of students arrived to The Amazima School campus—their home for the next seven years. They moved in, met their teachers, housemates, and house parents for the first time, and attended their first classes…

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3 Ways Your Generosity Helps Keep Families Together

In 2008, we learned about a devastating effect poverty can have on children and families in Sub-Sahara Africa and around the world. Oftentimes, parents and guardians are forced to give up their guardianship to orphanages simply because they’re unable to…

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Methods Change, Mission Doesn’t

A Letter from Amazima’s Managing Director: At Amazima, we like to say we hold our mission tightly and our methods loosely. And it’s true. Our mission has never wavered. It remains, “To live out the love of Jesus by educating…

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The Amazima School – Day One!

The sky was painted with a mixture of sunrise rays and fog that had settled throughout the valley. A peace took over the land, one that you couldn’t help but notice. It was apparent that after years of preparation, the…

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The Amazima School Update – January 2017

It’s official! We’re less than a month out from February 13th–the first day of classes at The Amazima School. As you can imagine, things are crazy busy around here–in the best way. God placed this vision in our hearts years…

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A Look Back at 2016

Thanks for joining us on our mission to live out the love of Jesus by educating and empowering the people of Uganda in 2016. Here are the results of your prayers and giving!     Thanks for another year of…

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The Amazima School Update – December 2016

We’re less than two months away from our first day of classes at The Amazima School! Here’s how you can be praying: The dedication is planned for late January! Pray for God’s presence to overwhelm all who attend, and for…

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Amazima Graduation 2016

“If you want to get rich in a year, you plant beans. If you want to get rich in ten years, you plant trees. If you want to be rich for the next hundred years, you plant people. I know…

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