Raising Up Servant Leaders


Mama Wilson is a widow and mother to six children.

Like many mothers, Mama Wilson longs to provide for her children and ensure their needs are met. But, also, like many mothers around the world, she struggles to find a way to make ends meet on a daily basis.

A few years ago, our financial partners made it possible for three of her boys to join Amazima’s scholarship program—lifting a great weight off her shoulders. As we continue to get to know Mama Wilson and her needs, we’re always looking for opportunities to come alongside her and show her she’s not alone.

That’s why 24 students from The Amazima School journeyed to her home in a nearby village this past Saturday with one goal in mind: to serve her and love her in the name of Christ.

Led by their house parents and a few other staff members, students from Hannah House (one of two girls’ houses on TAS campus) spent the day cleaning Mama Wilson’s home, washing clothing and blankets, cooking, and gathering clean drinking water from the nearest well.

It’s not uncommon for women to walk hours everyday for clean water in Uganda. Not only is this physically demanding, sometimes women find all of the water is gone when they arrive. So, you can imagine how huge it was for students to walk, fill, and carry jerry can after jerry can (pictured above) of clean water for Mama Wilson, whose nearest source is an hour away.

Before we knew what buildings we would have on campus or what classes we would teach, we knew what kind of students we wanted to raise up… servant leaders. And, through opportunities like this, we’re already seeing God cultivate a servant leadership mindset among our student body.

When we asked Mackenzie, a house parent at The Amazima School, to describe how students responded to the service project, she said, “The students served with incredible humility. Not one person complained or asked for a different job. They all served as if working for the Lord and had so much compassion. It was amazing to witness. The Lord was so obviously working through them–they were the hands and feet of Jesus and they glorified Him with their servant hearts.”

Your generosity IS being used to sow God’s Word and love into the hearts of students, and into the hearts of the people they’re already serving in their communities. On behalf of Mama Wilson, her family, the students you’re empowering, and all of us at Amazima Ministries, thank you!

***Out of respect for Mama Wilson, no pictures were taken of her or her children.***

Join Amazima Ministries in raising up servant leaders today by making a one-time gift or joining our Scholarship Program.

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3 thoughts on “Raising Up Servant Leaders”

  1. Avatar

    What an encouraging story. Love your goal of raising servant leaders and appreciate your sensitivity to maintain privacy and dignity.

  2. Avatar
    Karen Rise Bowles

    Thank you much for the share! I love seeing the People so full of joy! The kids giggles I love to hear! Wish we here were like you there…”it is so good and pleasant to live together in unity”.

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