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Imagine 30 high school students are asked to give up their Saturday to help a grandmother. Maybe what comes to mind is a lot of complaining and eye rolls?

A few weeks ago, we asked 30 of the students at The Amazima School to do just this — spend their Saturday serving a widow and her family in our community. And do you know what we saw? Joyful hearts, smiles all around, and the gospel going forth.

The students worked side by side to dig a trash pit, build a dish rack, haul water, wash clothes, and chop wood for one of the oldest women in our community. They each took different roles, and they did them without complaining. They even found little helpers along the way!

But our favorite part of the day happened right in the midst of all this work when Sonia sat down with the sweet Jjaja (grandmother in Luganda) to listen to her story. This widow shared that she was raised as a Muslim, and still claims this as her faith today, because all the generations of her family before her have been Muslim. When asked what she knew about Jesus, she said he was just a prophet, a part of stories she had heard.

Sonia listened long and hard, and then began to tell her about the love of Jesus! First, she told her about borrowed faith instead of authentic faith – something she and her house have been learning about in their morning devotions.

As she kept telling this dear woman more about Jesus, other students joined in. A first-year student shared her testimony of coming to Christ from a Muslim background herself this year! She explained how Jesus changed her life. Together, these two girls shared with this widow about salvation by works versus salvation as a gift, and they told her of the freedom to be found in Jesus.

This whole exchange was unprompted by any staff member — it was simply the overflow of our students’ hearts. We are rejoicing and in awe at the beauty of God at work.

The day ended with worship and the Jjaja requesting that we come back again and share more with her. She said she believes she is too old to change, but our students ensured her she is not. Please pray with us that some of our students would be able to return over their upcoming break to engage further with this dear lady and that she would come to know Christ through these relationships.

We continue to stand in awe of the way that God is on the move through the children He has brought to The Amazima School. These children who have come to know Jesus are sharing His love freely and graciously! He is raising up disciples with hearts for service and a great passion for sharing the love they have come to know. And we are only at the beginning of year two of this school! We fall on our knees and praise Him, for this is a work only He can do. He is on the move, and we are so thankful to be a part of this alongside each of you!

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