The Amazima School – Day One!


The sky was painted with a mixture of sunrise rays and fog that had settled throughout the valley. A peace took over the land, one that you couldn’t help but notice. It was apparent that after years of preparation, the first to show up on the opening day of the The Amazima School was The Holy Spirit. The day was finally here.

The Amazima School staff gathered in a circle, on the very spot the students would soon be arriving. We gathered hands as Mark Guthrie, Country Director, shared powerful words that filled our souls with even more excitement. We dedicated this place to God once more. Tears were shed, spirits were filled, and our hearts were ready.

It was time to welcome these children home.

The first bus pulled up and the staff couldn’t help but raise their arms and voices with excitement! The students were finally here! They walked off the bus with their guardians by their side and took in their new home with huge smiles on their faces. All of the blood, sweat, tears, prayers, and generosity that went into The Amazima School culminated into this moment.

Once the children were signed in, they were shown to their new homes (homes that YOU helped furnish) and introduced to their roommates and house parents. Our prayer is for each student to have a sense of community and relationships that cause them to flourish in their walk with Christ. House parents and roommates will play a big role in this!

As the day went on, students shared their first meal together, toured the campus and the classrooms they will be learning in, and got settled into their new homes. The night ended with lots of dancing and singing to celebrate the most glorious day! We know this is just the beginning… and we are so excited to see what else God has in store for every single student who walked through the front doors of The Amazima School!

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2 thoughts on “The Amazima School – Day One!”

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  2. Avatar

    So encouraged and excited to see how God has prospered Amazima..May His blessings continue to flow upon all those connected with bringing this vision to pass..

    Many Blessings,
    Deb Martin

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