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Keep On Knocking

His smile slowly spreads across his face as he follows you around incessantly. His name is Sempala and he is definitely what we could refer to as “an old soul”. At the age of 4, Sempala decided he needed to…

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What I Didn’t Know About Being a Mom

Someone asked me offhandedly the other day what I hadn’t known about being a mother before I became one. I think I was expected to give a one or two sentence answer, something along the lines of “I didn’t realize…

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There’s No “I” In Team

If it were possible, we would feature each and every person who partners with us through prayer and finances on our blog, but the list would be too long. We have been blessed beyond measure with support from all of…

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Meet Derrick

Derrick is 11 years old. His favorite color is green because green reminds him of nature. While he’s not very talkative, he stays active and can be found playing soccer, helping with chores at home, or preparing for his future…

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A Story for the Books

Muzafalu is small but his personality is big. He comes to the land every Saturday, accompanied by his older brothers and sisters. He is sure to greet everyone along his way and he loves to be hugged and held. One…

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Signs of Life

There are so many stories represented in this picture. So many stories. The truth is, if you heard all of them, you might wonder how these children have the strength to raise their hands in worship. And that’s ok. We’ve…

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Meet Joan

Joan is 6 years old and the youngest in her family, but she already takes her future seriously. We know this because she pays attention to the smallest of details. Misplacing her school uniform is a big deal in Joan’s…

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Earrings, Oceans, & Hope

Since the beginning, the Masese Women’s Beading Circle has been close to Katie’s heart. Every week, she meets with the same group of women to fellowship, study the Bible, and to purchase the jewelry they’ve been working on all week.…

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Love Transfused

Joseph’s chest began to rise and fall with a pattern that would have been troubling to anybody. Lying on his side, resting on the Amazima clinic bench, his eyes looked vacant, and his temperature climbed higher. His mentor Judith knew…

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Sharon’s School

Meet Sharon. She enjoys singing in her church choir and dreams of being an accountant. It is our dream to not only see Sharon’s dreams come true, but also to see God’s dreams for Sharon come true. We want to…

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Dave Ramsey Interviews Katie Davis Majors

An Interview With Dave Ramsey Dave welcomes author Katie Davis Majors to the show to discuss her new book Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption. Katie also talks about her experiences in Uganda as both a…

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Katie Davis Majors’ Interview with Dr. Meg Meeker on Dr. James Dobson’s Radio Broadcast

June 16, 2014 In June of 2014, Katie Davis Majors made a rare trip to see her family in the United States. In addition to getting some much needed rest and spending time with her family, Katie had the priviledge…

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